Saturday April 21st, 2018
Fri, Feb 01 2019

Moving Into New Building

The meat science faculty & staff will move into the new meat laboratory.

Mon, Dec 31 2018

Estimated Completion of New Meat Science Lab

Current projections have the new meat laboratory opening late 2018

Sat, Mar 31 2018

Jones Dairy Farm Challenge Grant Update

We have reached the end of the Jones Dairy Farm Challenge Grant.  A big thank you to all of you who participated and supported this effort!  Please stay tuned for our official results which will be posted here in the …

Wed, Jan 31 2018

Contruction Project Milestone Moment

The Meat Science building project embarked on a milestone moment on Wednesday, January 31, 2018, where the final piece of structural steel was placed. To commemorate this highlight in the building process, the team from JP Cullen hung  cured hams …

Mon, Jan 01 2018

Jones Dairy Farm Challenge

  Donate Now to the Jones Dairy Farm Challenge   From January 1, 2018 through March 31, 2018, Jones Dairy Farm will match donations dollar-for-dollar to the UW-Madison Meat Science building project through this period. Individual and corporate names will …

Fri, Jul 07 2017

On-Site Grill-Out

JP Cullen’s construction efforts are well underway. To show our appreciation for all the hard work they do, several meat lab employees grilled homemade smoked sausages and frankfurters as lunch for the entire crew.

Tue, Apr 18 2017

Subcontractor Coordination

As mass excavation and the beginning of basement floor and wall pouring occurs, an array of busy-work is occurring to keep the project moving along.  A huge amount of coordination of subcontractor work, project scheduling, and design confirmation is taking …

Tue, Jan 31 2017

Ground Breaking for Meat Lab Construction

To stay up-to-date with the building’s progress, periodic construction site images will be uploaded to the gallery page meatsciences.cals.wisc.edu/gallery/.

Tue, Jan 24 2017

Johnsonville Plant Tour

Prior to starting construction, a group of key individuals representing the State, University, and the project’s construction company spent a day touring two Johnsonville Sausage plants in Watertown and Sheboygan Falls. During these visits, the group learned about and discussed …

Thu, Jan 05 2017

Pre-Construction Meeting

Hoyt Halverson (Construction Representative, Wisconsin Department of Administration, Division of Facilities Design) leads the kickoff construction meeting for the new Meat Science building.  27 people representing several entities anxiously engage in construction conversations. Plans were laid out and dates were …

Fri, Oct 14 2016

Meat Science Building Ceremony

Friday, October 14 was a day of great celebration for the new UW Meat Science Building project. This banquet event was a unique take on the traditional groundbreaking ceremony. In lieu of gold-plated shovels, attendees received stainless steel salt scoops; …

Mon, Jul 11 2016

Construction Bidding Process

A bidding process will ensue for the construction of the new meat science laboratory.

Wed, Jun 08 2016

100% Design Review

The month of June will be an eventful time for the project as faculty and staff from the Meat Science Program, Department of Animal Sciences, and Food Research institute, along with industry experts and the University of Wisconsin Facilities Planning & …

Wed, Jun 08 2016

100% Design Sets Arrive

Project team members have a great deal of work ahead of them as the new 100% design sets arrive for review. The month of June will be the final push to make sure every aspect of the new Meat Science …

Sat, Jun 04 2016

Introducing: Bray’s Meats

An important outreach effort of the UW Meat Science Program is the retail store, a student-run meat shop operating within the Meat Science Laboratory. The current shop is known as Bucky’s Butchery: employing 16 undergraduate students and open 4 hours …

Fri, Apr 29 2016

Submit Final Design Documents

Final design documents will be submitted.

Fri, Feb 26 2016

Floor Plan Drafts (Near Completion)

As architecture & engineering meetings progress and we draw nearer to breaking ground, floor plans and visual mock-ups begin to solidify.

Wed, Feb 10 2016

Wisconsin Building Commission Approves Project

On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, The Wisconsin State Building Commission approved the design and construction of the UW-Madison Meat Science and Muscle Biology Laboratory along with several other projects throughout the state. Among these projects, Governor Scott Walker is “especially pleased …

Tue, Feb 02 2016

Door Hardware

During a day-trip to Cuba City, WI, the A&E team learned about bollards and doors.  Since there will be over 225 doors in the new meat lab, this was an important learning trip.

Thu, Oct 29 2015

Schematic Floor Plans Released

Level 1 Floor Plan   Mid-Level Floor Plan (Mezzanine)     Level 2 Floor Plan

Mon, Oct 12 2015

35% Design Review

During weeks following the submission of the 35% design drawings in mid-September, the University of Wisconsin Facilities Planning & Management (representing different trades including plumbing, refrigeration, electrical, landscape, etc.), meat lab faculty and staff, faculty and staff from the Department of …

Mon, Sep 28 2015

Learning How to Review 35% Design Phase Documents

  Nothing compares to the time and effort put in by the Architecture & Engineering team and steering committee who helped create the plans up through the 35% design phase. However, learning how to comprehend these documents and be involved with revisions has proven itself to be quite …

Thu, Sep 10 2015

Submit 35% Design Documents

35% Design documents will be submitted to the State of Wisconsin Division of Facility Design (DFD) for document review and approval.

Thu, Jul 30 2015

Design Meetings: 35% Design Phase

After the initial program verification and establishing a design concept, the Architecture & Engineering firm, Potter Lawson, and the rest of the Design Team has been working hard to develop design drawings (as well as other related documents required for …

Sun, Mar 01 2015

Design Meetings: 35% Design Phase

Bringing the project within budget allowed for the 35% design phase to begin.  As such, room sketches was slowly and methodically transitioned into design drawings while entire floor schematic drawings began to take hold.  In addition, more discussion on building …

Sat, Feb 28 2015

Pre-Design Meetings: Value Engineering

After nearly 6 weeks of meetings, intense discussions, and cost reductions (via square footage reductions, equipment reductions or other areas of cost reduction), the Design team successfully brought the project back within budget.  This was a monumental point in the …

Mon, Jan 12 2015

Pre-Design Meetings: Value Engineering

After the results from the cost estimation process, we were made aware the project was a whopping 19% over budget.  This marked the beginning of a laborious and at times very difficult process of reducing the budget to result in …

Mon, Dec 22 2014

Pre-Design Meetings: Completion of Program Verification

The culmination of the program verification process was submission of a 349-page program verification report which included sketches and data sheets for every room in the facility as well as a host of other pieces of information.  The report was submitted …

Tue, Dec 09 2014

Idea Generation Tours: Jones Dairy Farm & Lake Geneva Country Meats

Another trip was organized for thirteen members the Design Team to tour Jones Dairy Farm (Fort Atkinson, WI) and Lake Geneva Country Meats (Lake Geneva, WI) for reasons very different than the MSU visit.  The goals of the Jones Dairy …

Mon, Dec 08 2014

Pre-Design Meetings: Initial Space Layouts

  Members of the Design Team and the UW Meat & Animal Science faculty and staff convened at several meetings to discuss, direct, and confirm layout of the building (i.e. floor plans). An exercise with small groups and cutouts of different “parts” …

Sat, Nov 15 2014

Pre-Design Meetings: Program Area Theme Development

In addition to the normal functions of a University Meat Science Laboratory (USDA inspected meat processing facility from slaughter to further processing, classrooms, and research laboratories designed for meat science teaching, research, and outreach needs), the new facility will be …

Wed, Nov 05 2014

Idea Generation Tours: Michigan State University

A trip to East Lansing, Michigan occurred for eleven members the Design Team to tour the Michigan State University (MSU) Meat Science Laboratory.  Dr. Al Booren spent the day with our group giving us sound advice on “do’s” and “don’ts”, …

Tue, Oct 14 2014

Pre-Design Meetings: Program Verification

The Design Team and Meat & Animal Science faculty and staff met 2-3 days per week throughout the fall of 2014 to verify the program and develop room sketches and room data sheets. This was done not only for cost estimating purposes, but …

Mon, Oct 13 2014

The First Official Meeting

The Design Team and UW Meat & Animal Science faculty and staff participated in the first official design meeting for the new meat science facility. This meeting was a Goal-Setting Workshop designed to develop a universal vision and mission for the project.  This exercise …

Tue, Apr 01 2014

A&E Team Selection

After numerous Architectural & Engineering teams sent in bids for the project, a selection process (organized and led by the State of Wisconsin Division of Facility Design) occurred to identify the best firm for the job.  Of several highly qualified …

Sat, Mar 29 2014

Bucky’s Butchery Design Charrette

  The College of Agricultural & Life Sciences teamed up with the School of Human Ecology to generate concepts and ideas for a new Bucky’s Butchery retail shop. Bucky’s Butchery is a growing interest both on campus and in the …

Sat, Feb 01 2014

Release of Bid Documents

In February, the Request for Architectural & Engineering Design Services (“Bid Documents”) were released by the State of Wisconsin Division of Facility Design (DFD) for the design and construction of a state-of-the-art, world-class meat science laboratory at the University of …

Mon, Nov 18 2013

Meat Industry Exploration Tours

To begin preparing to work with the Architectural & Engineering design firm in 2014, a small group of people from the University of Wisconsin-Madison traveled across the state of Wisconsin visiting several plants (Ski’s Meats, Steven’s Point; Custom Meats of …

Sat, Aug 11 2012

State Budget Funding Approval

During August of 2012, it was announced 22.8 million would be included in the 2013-2015 State of Wisconsin budget for the construction of a 42.8 million meat science laboratory.

Fri, Jan 01 2010

Fundraising Campaign Launch

  A coordinated effort began to identify partners for the new meat science facility.  A project document called “A Cut Above” and a project video called “Building for the Future” were developed to embark on the campaigning effort.

Mon, Jun 01 2009

Plans Put in Place

With tremendous help from the University of Wisconsin Meat Science Advisory Committee and the University of Wisconsin Foundation, a grassroots campaign was started to provide world-class, program changing meat science facilities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,  The plan would be …