Dr. Dhanansayan (Dhanu) Shanmuganayagam (photo by Paal Lunde, Oslo Norway)

Dr Dhanansayan (Dhanu) Shanmuganayagam

(608) 890-1332

The new facility represents an innovative vision that reaches beyond a state-of-the-art meat and muscle biology building. It builds upon the efficiency and leanness of function and operation epitomized by the meat industry to allow for the creation of a novel field of research, Value Added Product Research, while dramatically expanding the capabilities of an existing one, Biomedical Research. For Dr. Shanmuganayagam’s research program, the Biomedical & Genomic Research Group, the Value Added Product Research represents the ability to discover novel uses for molecules within animal tissue in the waste streams of the meat industry that would benefit both human and animal health. In context of Biomedical Research, the facility enables a level of efficiency and practicallity of research that will open doors to the fields of genomics, regenerative medicine and xenotransplantation, while accelerating the rate at which novel bench-top discoveries can be developed to bedside applications in the medical and veterinary fields.