Design Meetings: 35% Design Phase

2015-06-08 17.34.24_picture 7

After the initial program verification and establishing a design concept, the Architecture & Engineering firm, Potter Lawson, and the rest of the Design Team has been working hard to develop design drawings (as well as other related documents required for the design process and the project) through the “35% Design Phase.” In this stage of the process, the design team are to determine building logistics to optimize the flow and productivity for all facets of the meat science lab. From establishing “right-sized” room and hallway dimensions to ensuring food safety elements, such as proper process flow and facility design to comply with USDA federal inspection standards—the A&E team has left no stone unturned. Although there is a lot of work to be done, these drafts mark the progress made since the design phase began in October 2014…which have all built upon themselves since the process started.