100% Design Sets Arrive

IMG_5667Project team members have a great deal of work ahead of them as the new 100% design sets arrive for review. The month of June will be the final push to make sure every aspect of the new Meat Science Laboratory is designed to its very best potential.

From broad concepts like day-to-day use and process flow to finer details such as drain placement or outlet voltage, it is crucial to have many individuals from numerous areas of expertise involved in this project to impart their opinions, experiences, and intellect in the reviewing process.


Introducing: Bray’s Meats

An important outreach effort of theBrays 1 UW Meat Science Program is the retail store, a student-run meat shop operating within the Meat Science Laboratory. The current shop is known as Bucky’s Butchery: employing 16 undergraduate students and open 4 hours per week on Fridays from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm.

The future retail shop in the new Meat Science Laboratory will be known as Bray’s Meats. This store will be open during normal building hours with a full-service fresh meats case and a variety of processed products and frozen meats.

Brays 2The name Bray’s Meats honors Robert W. Bray as the founder of the modern Meat Science program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The name is at once contemporary, timeless, and deeply rooted in the history of the institution.


100% Design Review

The month of June will be an eventful time for the project as faculty and staff from the Meat Science Program, Department of Animal Sciences, and Food Research institute, along with industry experts and the University of Wisconsin Facilities Planning & Management, review the submitted 100% design drawings. These highly-de tailed floorplans must be closely examined to ensure every aspect of the design comprising civil, structural, architectural, laboratory, fire protection, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and technological plans are acceptable.

View detailed design drawings below

2016 05 02 First Floor Plan2016 05 02 Second Floor Plan

Wisconsin Building Commission Approves Project

On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, The Wisconsin State Building Commission approved the design and construction of the UW-Madison Meat Science and Muscle Biology Laboratory along with several other projects throughout the state.

Among these projects, Governor Scott Walker is “especially pleased with the action on UW-Madison’s Meat Science and Muscle Biology Laboratory building.  Research carried out there will improve meat quality and food safety while supporting an industry that contributes $12 billion to the state’s economy and provides 88,000 rural and urban jobs in Wisconsin.”

View full press release



35% Design Review

During weeks following the IMG_2220submission of the 35% design drawings in mid-September, the University of Wisconsin Facilities
Planning & Management (representing different trades including plumbing, refrigeration, electrical, landscape, etc.), meat lab faculty and staff,
faculty and staff from the Department of Animal Sciences and the Food Research Institute, and industry experts worked diligently to review and analyze each aspect of the design drawings.  In doing so, hundreds of drawings were reviewed and well over a thousand comments were made to improve and adjust minor to major elements of the facility design. These analyses covered civil, structural, architectural, laboratory, fire protection, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and technological plans of the prospective building. Many people involved in this review were selected based on their area of expertise (production, teaching, research, etc.).  Reviewers (meat lab, department, and industry) included: Ron Russell (UW-Madison Meat Lab), Mark Cook (UW-Madison Animal Sciences), Robby Weyker (UW-Madison Meat Lab), Jeff Sindelar (UW-Madison Meat Lab). Jim Claus (UW-Madison Meat Lab), Dhanu Shanmuganayagam (UW-Madison Animal Sciences), Andy Milkowski (UW-Madison Meat Lab), Kathy Glass (UW-Food Research Institute), Paul Hargarten (Salm Partners), Max Golden (UW-Food Research Institute), Kurt Vogel (UW-River Falls), Joe Meyer (Ed Miniat), Chad Dykstra (Sani-Matic), Jennifer Meudt (UW-Madison Animal Sciences), A701B4_M1 (002)Jordan Sand (UW-Madison Animal Sciences), Marty Wimmer (Marlen International), Mark Richards (UW-Madison Meat Lab),
Larry Hanson (CIP Concepts/Johnsonville Sausage), and Greg Marconnet (Kraft Foods, retired)
After a 4 week review and comment making period, 3.5 days were spent presenting each comment to the design firm, Potter Lawson; during which appropriate discussion regarding particular comments took place. After the comment presentation period, all comments will be further reviewed, organized, and categorized regarding the ability to accept each suggested change.  Those with cost of program implications will be further discussed at subsequent design meetings.

Shown below, Drs. Dhanu Shanmuganayagam and Mark Cook of Animal Sciences, and Kathy Glass of the Food Research Institute presented their review comments pertaining to sectors of the building including the biosafety level 2 laboratory, co-product research & development, as well as poultry slaughter.


Learning How to Review 35% Design Phase Documents

2015-09-14 14 18 17


Nothing compares to the time and effort put in by the 2015-09-14 22 09 03Architecture & Engineering team and steering committee who helped create the plans up through the 35% design phase. However, learning how to comprehend these documents and be involved with revisions has proven itself to be quite a feat.  Doug Sabatke, Assistant Dean for Facilities, Planning, Health and Safety, is shown instructing team members how to read, interpret, and provide input to the architectural drawings.

A&E Team Selection

After numerous Architectural & Engineering teams sent in bids for the project, a selection process (organized and led by the State of Wisconsin Division of Facility Design) occurred to identify the best firm for the job.  Of several highly qualified A&E firms submitting proposals, Potter Lawson (Madison, WI) received the winning bid.