Idea Generation Tours: Michigan State University

DSC00123A trip to East Lansing, Michigan occurred for eleven members the Design Team to tour the Michigan State University (MSU) Meat Science Laboratory.  Dr. Al Booren spent the day with our group giving us sound advice on “do’s” and “don’ts”, as well as his experiences with leading the MSU meat lab design. Extensive touring of the facility provided the Design team with a valuable baseline about well-designed University Meat Science Laboratories and many ideas we’ve explored in the UW Meat Laboratory design. An understanding of how to incorporate Teaching, Research, and Extension functions under 1 roof  while designing the most advanced & state-of-the-art facility were the critical goals of this trip.


Pre-Design Meetings: Initial Space Layouts

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Members of the Design Team and the UW Meat & Animal Science faculty and staff convened at several meetings to discuss, direct, and confirm layout of the building (i.e. floor plans). An exercise with small groups and cutouts of different “parts” of the building took place to drive the overall building layout, taking into account items such as loading dock and building entrance locations.

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Bucky’s Butchery Design Charrette



The College of Agricultural & Life Sciences teamed up with the School of Human Ecology to generate concepts and ideas for a new Bucky’s Butchery retail shop. Bucky’s Butchery is a growing interest both on campus and in the Madison community. This aspect of the future Meat Science building is a key tool in getting the general public involved with Meat Science.
Students from Design, Retail, Animal Science, Food Science, backgrounds gathered together for a full-day workshop covering all aspects of the butchery. Areas of interest include marketing strategies, branding, product development, and retail store configuration. The ideas generated from the Bucky’s Butchery design charrette have been key in helping the Architecture & Engineering team successfully create this component of the new meat lab.