Program Elements


Six 3-day workshops will be held throughout the 2-year program, and are designed to focus on different types/categories of meat processing with additional unique topics incorporated when appropriate.

Each workshop is designed to:

1) Review important meat science principles
2) Gain a deeper understanding of certain principles
3) Learn new principles, concepts, and technologies

A blend of classroom presentations, manufacturing demonstrations, and product sampling are used to reinforce important meat science concepts.

Plant Project

Participants will be required to conduct an in-plant research project. Projects are selected by the MMC candidate, discussed and developed among peers within the program, and approved by the training program personnel.

As a project example, a candidate might choose to research the role phosphates have on cook yields. That individual would need to develop an experimental plan (including experiments) and conduct the necessary research in their respective establishment including identifying treatments, conducting product trials, collecting data, and any other important aspects to thoroughly and effectively understand the role phosphates have on cook yields.

Upon completion of the in-plant research, the candidate must write a formal report explaining the project. Scheduled project progress reports will occur as needed throughout the training program. A final written report will be required for program completion. A formal presentation of the research project will occur during the graduation program in 2025.

Mentorship Program

Each participant will be expected to mentor an employee or another individual on various meat science and meat processing topics based upon the knowledge and principles learned from Master Meat Crafter Training Program. Participants must develop their own mentoring program (approved by training program personnel) prior to the beginning of mentoring.

Homework Assignments

At least six homework assignments will be administered throughout the program to expand on specific learning objectives.

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Brochure & Application

Check out the 2024-2025 Master Meat Crafters brochure:



Applications for the 2024-2025 Master Meat Crafters Program are being accepted from  until December 30th, 2023

Program Fee

The cost for the 2024-2025 Master Meat Crafter Training Program is $11,000. Fees may be paid in full up front or broken into quarterly installments over the course of two years. Fee includes:

  • Registration for six 3-day workshops and formal graduation ceremony
  • Participant materials and handouts
  • Business meals and banquets
  • Transportation to/from course hotel to class and class evening events.
  • Additional activities and materials included in the program
Participants are responsible for their own individual lodging needs.