Internship Opportunities

MSABD is working to offer Coordinative Internship/Cooperative Education 399 internships for credit. Opportunities exist in processing, retail, research, and communications.

MSABD also hosts interns from other departments (such as the student athletes pictured above completing their consumer behavior/retail internship).

Contact CALS Career Services or your academic advisor (CALS Transitional Advising & Outreach Service for undeclared/undecided students) to learn more.

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Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences
– Undergraduate Advisor
Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences
– Graduate Advisor
Liv Sandberg


249 Animal Sciences Bldg

Megan Sippel


266 Animal Sciences Bldg

CALS Transitional Advising
& Outreach Services
CALS Career Services
Ryan Zavodnik

Agricultural Hall

1450 Linden Dr, Madison, WI 53706


116 Agricultural Hall

Position Closing Date
R&D Food Scientist Summer Intern (2024)

Tyson Foods, Inc.
Position Description

F2OCUS Fellowship Program (Food Safety, Quality, & Security)

University of Arkansas
Position Description