Subcontractor Coordination

As mass excavation and the beginning of basement floor and wall pouring occurs, an array of busy-work is occurring to keep the project moving along.  A huge amount of coordination of subcontractor work, project scheduling, and design confirmation is taking place.  Pictured is a detailed review of ‘shop” drawings for one of the 6 smokehouses (Marlen International, Inc.) being installed in the new building.

Johnsonville Plant Tour


Prior to starting construction, a group of key individuals representing the State, University, and the project’s construction company spent a day touring two Johnsonville Sausage plants in Watertown and Sheboygan Falls. During these visits, the group learned about and discussed important meat processing facility design and food safety details to be be incorporated into the new University of Wisconsin Meat Science Building.

People (L to R)
Justin Buchholz- Project Manager, JP Cullen
Chad Nenno – Superintendent, JP Cullen
Samantha Potts – Project Engineer, JP Cullen
Greg Marconnet- Facilities Engineer, University of Wisconsin Meat Science Laboratory
Doug Sabatke- Architect Assistant Dean for Facilities, Planning, Health & Safety, University of Wisconsin College of Ag and Life Sciences
Jeff Sindelar- Associate Professor & Extension Meat Specialist, University of Wisconsin Meat Science Laboratory
Hoyt Halverson- Construction Representative, Wisconsin Department of Administration, Division of Facilities Design

Pre-Construction Meeting

Hoyt Halverson (Construction Representative, Wisconsin Department of Administration, Division of Facilities Design) leads the kickoff construction meeting for the new Meat Science building.  27 people representing several entities anxiously engage in construction conversations. Plans were laid out and dates were set to begin site preparation leading up to construction.


Meat Science Building Ceremony

Friday, October 14 was a day of great celebration for the new UW Meat Science Building project. This banquet event was a unique take on the traditional groundbreaking ceremony. In lieu of gold-plated shovels, attendees received stainless steel salt scoops; and instead of breaking ground, individuals were invited to partake in a ham-salting ceremony.
The ham-salting ceremony is especially meaningful to the meat industry. Over the next two years, in conjunction with building construction, these hams will undergo a unique aging process resulting in a delicacy similar to an Italian prosciutto or a Spanish jamón.

We intend to serve these very hams at the Meat Science Building grand opening event in the Fall of 2018.

October 14, 2016 a celebration for the construction of a new Meat Science Building was held on campus.
A group picture on site of the future UW Meat Science Building


University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank, UW College of Agricultural & Life Sciences Dean Kate VandenBosch, Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculture Ben Brancel, and the event emcee Christopher Salm gather with Bucky Badger to begin the ham-salting ceremony.
Many attended this event including dignitary project representatives, the building design team, UW faculty & staff, the advisory board, students, and building donors.


100% Design Sets Arrive

IMG_5667Project team members have a great deal of work ahead of them as the new 100% design sets arrive for review. The month of June will be the final push to make sure every aspect of the new Meat Science Laboratory is designed to its very best potential.

From broad concepts like day-to-day use and process flow to finer details such as drain placement or outlet voltage, it is crucial to have many individuals from numerous areas of expertise involved in this project to impart their opinions, experiences, and intellect in the reviewing process.


Introducing: Bray’s Meats

An important outreach effort of theBrays 1 UW Meat Science Program is the retail store, a student-run meat shop operating within the Meat Science Laboratory. The current shop is known as Bucky’s Butchery: employing 16 undergraduate students and open 4 hours per week on Fridays from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm.

The future retail shop in the new Meat Science Laboratory will be known as Bray’s Meats. This store will be open during normal building hours with a full-service fresh meats case and a variety of processed products and frozen meats.

Brays 2The name Bray’s Meats honors Robert W. Bray as the founder of the modern Meat Science program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The name is at once contemporary, timeless, and deeply rooted in the history of the institution.


100% Design Review

The month of June will be an eventful time for the project as faculty and staff from the Meat Science Program, Department of Animal Sciences, and Food Research institute, along with industry experts and the University of Wisconsin Facilities Planning & Management, review the submitted 100% design drawings. These highly-de tailed floorplans must be closely examined to ensure every aspect of the design comprising civil, structural, architectural, laboratory, fire protection, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and technological plans are acceptable.

View detailed design drawings below

2016 05 02 First Floor Plan2016 05 02 Second Floor Plan

Wisconsin Building Commission Approves Project

On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, The Wisconsin State Building Commission approved the design and construction of the UW-Madison Meat Science and Muscle Biology Laboratory along with several other projects throughout the state.

Among these projects, Governor Scott Walker is “especially pleased with the action on UW-Madison’s Meat Science and Muscle Biology Laboratory building.  Research carried out there will improve meat quality and food safety while supporting an industry that contributes $12 billion to the state’s economy and provides 88,000 rural and urban jobs in Wisconsin.”

View full press release