Facility Use


The MSABD building faces Observatory Drive on the westside of campus.

This building represents a $57.1 million investment by the State of Wisconsin ($24.4 million), corporations, and individuals for advancing the fields of meat science and animal biologics for the betterment of animal agriculture and the role it plays in providing connection to the current and developing society. This program and its people aim to solve problems and improve health, quality of life, the environment, and agriculture for all citizens of the state and beyond.

Building Overview:

67,000 FT2
25,000 FT2 in USDA Meat Processing Plant
8,500 FT2 in BSL-2 Laboratory


Design Phase: October 2014 – August 2016
Construction Phase: January 2017 – July 2020
Building Opening: July 2020


The unique capability of this building is its amalgamation of all processes from live animal or bird (all meat and poultry species) to ready-to-eat product, a meat retail space, and a biosafety level-2 microbiology laboratory.

After years of planning and hard work – with initial and ongoing key support from the state of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin – Madison and UW System, and ongoing support from countless companies and individuals, sharing the value of the vision and helping in critical and impactful ways throughout the journey – the new MSABD building is here! After 90 years and multiple expansions over the years, the former Muscle Biology Lab (MBL) was showing its age and limiting the ability for the program to continue being prolific and locally, nationally, and internationally relevant. Alumnus and friends who have visited and toured the new MSABD building are pleasantly surprised by the level of upgrade in facilities and program capabilities compared to the old MBL. Food safety and teaching are so much easier to facilitate in the new spaces. MSABD now serves as the benchmark for future “meat labs” across the United States, driving innovation, sharing visionary approaches – benefiting all in meat science.