Idea Generation Tours: Jones Dairy Farm & Lake Geneva Country Meats

Another trip was organized for thirteen members the Design Team to tour Jones Dairy Farm (Fort Atkinson, WI) and Lake Geneva Country Meats (Lake Geneva, WI) for reasons very different than the MSU visit.  The goals of the JonesDSCN0757 Dairy Farm visit were to 1) understand and learn more about ideal food safety facility design and process flow, 2) understand further meat processing at a larger scale and how this will relate to the functions of the new meat lab, and 3) glean ideas for creating a and welcoming and enticing environment for consumers and other non-meat industry associated people who will enter the new meat science facility.


The tour at Lake Geneva Country meats provided an opportunity to show a more realistic scale of the various meat processing activities that will be occurring in the new meat science facility while also providing ideas for creating a welcoming and unique retail setting in our retail shop.

2014-12-09 15.05.42_picture 4