Pre-Design Meetings: Program Area Theme Development

In addition to the normal functions of a University Meat Science Laboratory (USDA inspected meat processing facility from slaughter to further processing, classrooms, and research laboratories designed for meat science teaching, research, and outreach needs), the new facility will be designed to offer much, much more.  With the help of industry conversations, the UW interdisciplinary campus climate, and the realization of the opportunities that may exist if Meat Science were to provide a cross-campus multi-dimensional use, the facility and program as expanded to include programming (rooted in meat science) in the areas of food safety, value-added animal co-product utilization, and human health/tissue collection.  These program themes have been incorporated into the facility design and faculty and staff from various departments on campus who will represent the type of uses identified with the aforementioned themes have been extensively involved with theme specific and general project discussions.